Autism, Celebrities, and Jenny McCarthy

I have just read a new book “Louder than Words” by Jenny McCarthy about her Autistic son. Most books like this can make a person go to sleep but once started I could not put it down (my wife found it to be just as compelling).

There are a few facts that you need to know about Autism. The term and the first cases identified were in the early 1940’s. Fifteen years ago there was one autistic child out of every 10,000 kids (most are boys), and today there is 1 autistic child out of every 80 to 100 kids.

To say that medicine has been out of the loop, not caring, uninterested is an understatement. The CDC has been protecting drug companies for some time and recently released a public statement explaining vaccinations, MMR, and others, have nothing to do with Autism. If they had said vaccinations were even partly responsible for Autism, the lawyers would have been lining up at the court house doors to file more law suits. Unfortunately, the CDC and the FDA are in existence to protect drug companies and doctors. Fifty- five percent of the FDA budget is paid by drug companies.

There is no evidence that vaccinations are the total cause of Autism but you would have to be dumber than a door knob to not realize that vaccination contributes to Autism. One thought is the Mercury – thimerosal – and Aluminum which has been routinely used in vaccinations might be the cause. Also some vaccinations have the artificial sweetener, Equal – aspartame, placed in the solutions. The latest thing found in vaccines is mycoplasmas – bacteria without a cell wall. These have been manufactured by the federal government to create biological warfare chemicals that cause MS, ALS, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia in adults and Autism, ADD, and ADHD in children. Check this out with the Garth Nicolson PhD video and his book “Project Day Lily”

There was an article in March 2006 in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons that showed when mercury was removed from childhood vaccines, rates of Autism dropped by as much as 35 percent.

Another thought is that little children just can’t handle more than one shot at a time, and they need recovery time of several months to let their bodies recover before more toxins can be introduced.

Jenny McCarthy is a celebrity mom, having done TV and written other popular books. This book was close, personal, and not funny for this mom with a special Autistic son. It started with seizures and multiple hospitals and doctors and finally a diagnosis of Autism.

Ms. McCarthy was told her son was going through a window and if she didn’t find a way to pull him back through the window he would be lost forever.

She asked doctors if vaccinations caused her son’s Autism, because the seizures started after a series of shots, but they vehemently denied the accusations. Unfortunately doctors do this when a lowly non-medical person questions their authority or when they have no idea what they are talking about – not keeping up with their profession or believing everything the drug companies tell them (you know the companies that have money to loose in a lawsuit).

Ms McCarthy struggled to keep her son alive from the seizures while looking for any kind of treatment to “fix” her son. After searching the internet and many books she decided to remove wheat and milk from Evan’s diet. With this she saw some improvement (he was also in various training and therapy programs that helped a lot). She also discovered that most Autism children have bloated bellies kind of like “Buddha” statues with chronic constipation problems.

Through all this Jenny discovered a doctor in Texas – Dr Jerry Kartzinel who did multiple tests and discovered that Evan’s immune system was very weak and damaged. When she ask what caused this problem he just said vaccines. He also said that he had a lot of yeast and he needed an antifungal medication. He explained that taking antibiotics on a regular basis had stripped his intestines of beneficial bacteria and then allows yeast or candida over growth. (Actually this is common in many people. In fact antibiotics are way over prescribed in this country. People or their children go to the doctor with a cold and fever and everyone expects doctors to do something so they prescribe antibiotics for virus problem which has nothing to do with bacteria.) The doctor prescribed Diflucan.

The next step for Evan was to go to an immune specialist in San Diego. He wanted to do some treatments but his immune system was so weak that Evan could not start the treatment.

So the next step for Evan was the Diflucan and the elimination of all sugars from Evan’s diet because sugar feeds yeast and candida. It was hard to live through this treatment, but after two weeks Evan began to laugh at jokes on TV. This was a major break through for this Autistic child.

One doctor says children shouldn’t be labeled as Autistic, but as neuroimmune dysfunction. His site is

Ms McCarthy’s son is almost normal and may improve more in the future but her determination to ask how, why, and what guided her through a trying time but she saved her son from Autism.

Part of this newsletter has to do with celebrities. I got the idea from a newspaper article in our local paper a few days ago. The headlines were “U.S. pediatricians group urges autism screening for all toddlers by age 2.”  One of the paragraphs stated “The two new reports say children with suspected autism should start treatment even before a formal diagnosis. They also warn parents about special diets and alternative treatments endorsed by celebrities, saying there’s no proof these work.”

We have the greatest emergency medical care systems in the world but we have one of the poorest medical systems. The attitude of these pediatricians is a good example of drug companies and doctors protecting the status quo. They don’t want special diets and alternative medicine to work, because if they (diets and alternative care) work it points out what a failure medicine has become. They want to protect the notion that drugs are the only way to “fix” people.

It is unfortunate that medicine doesn’t read the Hippocratic oath that doctors supposedly take when graduating medical school (I think they must have their fingers crossed and their eyes and ears closed when this oath occurs. Hippocrates said “Let your food be your medicine and medicine be your food.”  It seems obvious that medicine and drug companies do not prescribe to this philosophy. It seems the real philosophy is “get as much money as possible for as long as you can – don’t let people die because there is no money in death – except for the undertaker.”

I suggest that you read Ms McCarthy’s book and begin your education on the internet and Google.

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