Delayed Ejaculation Treatment – Surprising Revelations About Premature Ejaculation

Delayed ejaculation treatment is such an important thing to the many couples that have to deal with this issue.

Sexual relationships within the the confines of a marriage or a couple has its fair share of challenges.  However, few challenges can be as significant as the problem of premature ejaculation.

It can be said that premature ejaculation brings out the best and the worst in a man, however, as comical as that may be, the real problem of premature ejaculation is not terribly funny to those enduring it.  This is true for both the man or the woman and it is the main cause for couples to seek treatment.

Theres not much to glean from in history regarding premature ejaculation.  Much of the information about this problem revolves around, shockingly enough, prostitutes.  Prostitutes found it good business to have as much clientele as possible so men ejaculating more quickly was good for business.

Men participating in this found an unhealthy self-centered sexuality around quick ejaculation.  Over the years and with the number of men lured into this false sense of sexuality proliferated this practice.  It was only until women began to assert their rights and place in society that the light was shed on this problem.  While some men may look at this problem as a purely physical problem and it does have its mechanical counterparts, that is not the only player in this situation. What surprises most people is the emotional triggers that can cause premature ejaculation and cause people to actively search for delayed ejaculation treatment.

What surprises most men is that emotional issues somewhat unrelated to sex can bring about premature ejaculation.  Depression, stress over money, unresolved relationship conflicts and hurt feelings about something personal going on in the relationship itself can bring this on. Other sexually related emotional issues might be unrealistic performance expectations, include a lack of intimacy and sexual repression.

There are mechanical methods to help this process along.  Exercising the PC muscles with Kegel exercises, typically done by women as well as masturbating shortly before having sex can help.  In most cases, you will find this issue has a more prominent physiological component than any other mitigating factor.

The bottom line is that your relationship could suffer greatly from this problem of premature ejaculation, but it doesnt have to be that way. You dont have to feel like these are the genetic cards you have been dealt.  Dealing with emotional issues and some simple and easy to perform physical methods can be very effective for treatment.

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