TSA – Radiation Chambers at Airports

Last week I flew from Dallas Love Field to Houston Hobby airport to visit my mother. I have known for some time I would butt heads with the TSA someday while traveling, but had no idea when that day might arrive.

I personally believe that TSA and the screening process at airports are only there to harass the traveling public and make the occasional traveling person think they (the government) are trying to protect the people from another 9-11 attack.

Nothing could be farther from the truth when it comes to airport security. The whole system is fraudulent and the everyday people working at security in a TSA uniform are, for the most part, just good people making money and paying their bills to support their families. Unfortunately, some of these people are idiots with a little power that has gone to their heads. All the TSA employees are given just enough training to do a mediocre job, but they are not taught to think or to do any serious technology (I will get to this in a few paragraphs).

I resent being called a liar and doing things that are stupid. I travel a lot and last week I had an insignificant TSA employee get mad and shout at me that I needed my personnel care products in a plastic bag removed from my small suitcase with any medical products in a separate container. A lot of people were mumbling about this idiot abusing his authority, so I said something to the effect that this was a new procedure and maybe he and his coworkers could have taken some extra time explaining this to the people as they walked in to the screening area. He then raised his voice another octave just to prove he was in charge and yelled that this was always the TSA procedure. He ripped my accessory bag out and put the personal care products in a plastic bag and then made a point to run those items through the scanner.

Finally, after much delay, I got through the screening and on my way to the gate.

The point of my diatribe is that all the screening at the airport is stupid or dangerous. Taking my shoes off to x-ray has no useful purpose. The reason for this screening is because some idiot put a plastic explosive in his sliced-open shoe and tried to set it off with a burning-type fuse. This is impossible to do as you need an electronic system to set off plastic explosives.

On the other hand, if a terrorist wants to do damage to the US population psyche, they will walk into a busy airport with a bomb in a suitcase in the rush hour and leave it or strap a bomb to their bodies and blow either explosive up in the middle of all these people.

Guaranteed if this ever happens, there will never be another person who wants to get into another airplane and a whole industry will be gone from our economy.

If the government and the TSA want to protect the public and the airlines, they will start the screening process when the passengers’ vehicles cross onto the airport property. They will also check the people by doing questioning profiles way before the people get to the terminal. They will also do suitcase screening at these remote locations before entering the terminals.

I suggest that we send a team of competent people to Israel and learn how caring professionals protect the flying public.

The rest of my newsletter has to do with the radiation chambers.

I knew, sooner or later, I was going to be asked to jump into one of these death chambers just so my naked body could be looked at by a pervert. Outside of the pervert problem, these machines are dangerous.

Most people who get dental care get x-rayed on a regular basis and many women get mammograms on a regular basis / yearly program. Mammograms have been proven to be dangerous and a cause of breast cancer, but the point is that there is a term that we all need to become familiar with – bio-accumulation.

This term applies to many different toxins in our day to day lives. We are exposed to plastics that, in small amounts, can be eliminated by our bodies without harm; however, when exposed on a daily or hourly basis, the burden becomes so great we begin to have health problems – mostly hormonal and cancer problems.

This also happens with heavy metals from our tainted food supply, dental fillings, makeup, air pollution, etc. and etc. Again, small amounts of toxins on an occasional basis are not the problem. It is the large amount of exposure which causes bio-accumulation that is the problem.

The x-ray from your dentist is dangerous (despite what they tell you) plus mammograms and now radiation chambers at airports.

The first thing to know about these radiation chambers is that they are made by people who can make mistakes in the adjustments; even more important is poorly trained TSA employees checking and servicing these chambers. There have already been tests and follow-ups done on these chambers and many of them emit a lot more radiation than they are supposed to deliver. The point is that if you are in an airport, which chamber is technically safe and which is over-exposing every person who goes through it. Do you pick chamber number one or number six? The truth is that the TSA does not have the time to let you pick your chamber and you don’t know which is “safe” and which is not “safe”.

On top of this is the bio-accumulation of radiation from all the other sources to which we are exposed, including the radiation that we get from flying in an airplane at 40,000 feet. Radiation comes through the airplane walls.

To add insult to injury, we now are being exposed to radiation from the nuclear power plant in Japan.

I certainly don’t have all the answers on how to avoid or detoxify radiation, but I do know that no one should go through the radiation chambers at airports. This just increases our bio-accumulation and we do not need more ways to make us unhealthy.

Needless to say, I did not get the full naked body radiation in Hobby Airport in Houston. I did get the full body pat down which was less invasive than a naked picture of my body that no one wants to see.

I suggest that everyone avoid the radiation chamber and make them do the full pat down. This will slow them down so much that they will go back to the system we have been using for so many years.

There was nothing wrong with the older system, other than the whole system is not effective, but the new chambers were just put in so a corporation could make massive amounts of money at our expense.

I think it is time we stop being sheep and begin to demand “reason” in the way we are treated by our government and corporations in food, drugs, radiation or whatever.

To Your Good Health

Dr Bob the Health Builder and Phil N Fine

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